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PRESTIGE HORSES offers the most prestigious and renowned brands at the international level of clothing and accessories for riders and horses from all disciplines of equestrian sports. 

We are direct representatives of the world famous Italian brands and most of the exclusive retailers in the Czech Republic of the brands ANIMO, ASUP - Anna Scarpati, KEP ITALIA, MAKEBE, EGO7 and GALANTE.

Their MADE IN ITALY products guarantee high quality, unique design and always new technologies of sophisticated materials.

The use of the best raw materials and craftsmanship satisfies even the most demanding customers.

PRESTIGE HORSES not only presents the new collections of these brands addressed to all disciplines of equestrian sports but offers the opportunity to customize each product including KEP ITALIA riding helmets.

The ANIMO and EGO7 brand riding boots, made of the highest quality leather and offered in different models in 12 - 20 sub sizes of each shoe size for each model, are no exception. The most demanding riders are offered the possibility to have their boots made to measure.

Prestige Horses can help you to show your promising horse to the most competitive shows, as Arezzo, Manerbio, Cervia, San Giovanni in Marignano, including the annual Verona International Fair, where you can also find horses and riders of world renown.


We introduce sports horses from Italian breeding farms and sports horses for sale to the Czech market.

EGO7 Galante